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13 Jul 2015 / Tagged: g5, release, dev, joomla

Gantry 5.0 Released

Gantry 5.0 is now available for download! This release puts an exclamation mark on over a year of effort on the part of our team. It also raises the bar for theming frameworks made for Joomla, WordPress, and beyond.

Gantry 5 is open source, free to use, and actively supported by the RocketTheme team.


08 Jun 2015 / Tagged: g5, release, dev, joomla, wordpress

Gantry 5 RC3 Released

Gantry 5 RC3 (Release Candidate) is now available. Comprised of 290+ commits, 105+ issues, and 10+ pull requests, RC3 is the largest single update to Gantry 5 since the initial beta.


18 May 2015 / Tagged: g5, release, dev, joomla

Gantry 5 RC2 Released

Gantry 5 has taken another giant leap forward in its trek towards its first major stable release. Gantry 5 RC2 (Release Candidate 2) was released last Friday to positive review from our growing community. This release includes a multitude of bug fixes, as well as several additional features and enhancements that focus on making Gantry exceptionally user friendly.


08 May 2015 / Tagged: g5, dev, release

Gantry 5 RC1 Released

The RocketTheme development team has been hard at work getting Gantry 5 ready for prime time. After months of work by our small team, the Gantry 5 release candidate is now available on Github.

In late 2009, the open source Gantry framework was initially released to the public. Before Gantry, we found ourselves having to perform a lot of repetitive steps while creating new templates. A lot of our time was spent hand-coding the same features each month. We needed something simpler, and our solution was Gantry.

This framework would not only help us create powerful and flexible Joomla templates and WordPress themes, but also to empower a growing community of Joomla and WordPress developers that would benefit from using a framework that was easy to understand, yet powerful enough to meet the needs of their clients.

Fast-forward to 2015, and Gantry 5 is set to redefine what a theme can do.