Gantry 5.0.1 Released

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July 16, 2015, 19:06

Just three days after the initial 5.0.0 release, we are happy to announce Gantry 5.0.1 is now available for download.

This release includes bug fixes, improvements, and even new features! Thanks to the incredible response from the Gantry community we were able to quickly address issues and release this new version.

Even if it has just been 3 days, there have been already 22 issues opened and resolved which include bugs, community contributions, suggestions and improvements.

We are blown away by the activity that has grown around Gantry 5 and we can't thank you enough! Don't be surprised if you see frequent releases!


  • Custom CSS / JS Atom now supports JavaScript to be dropped before </body> as well as inline scripting (thanks @adi8i)
  • Menu Items can now be set to only display the Icon or Image from the Menu Editor (#574)
  • Added version number to Theme selector and Theme Configuration header (#560)
  • Custom CSS / JS Atom now allows to pick a CSS or JS file via filepicker as well as upload them directly from the picker
  • Minor CSS fixes for Joomla admin when in tablet and smaller viewport (#585)
Bug fixes
  • Fixed regression with the style of Collections in admin and supporting long strings (#569)
  • Fixed Assignments filtering failing with empty Menus (#578)
  • Fixed UTF8 special characters being stripped out of Module Gantry 5 Particle causing the value to be lost (#570)
  • Fixed initial load of Module Particle not updating the link to the Joomla Module Manager instance (#582)
  • Fixed Menu Item subtitles in Menu Editor, causing any subtitle to get lost (#579)
  • Fixed Menu Item target not getting synched up between Joomla and Gantry (#584)
  • Fixed dropdowns on frontend not working when Offcanvas was disabled (#583)
  • Fixed edge case where resizing the browser wouldn't properly recalculate the Particles Picker size (#585)
  • Fixed issue in Menu Editor where it was possible to create more than one empty Columns (#585)

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