Gantry 5.3.0 Released

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July 8, 2016, 12:00

Gantry 5.3.0 has been released, featuring a large number of updates to the framework for WordPress and Joomla, including a brand new inheritance system.

This is a major update to the popular framework, including over a dozen new features and improvements. Among them is support for SVG code in the Logo particle, enabling you to use optimized SVG data for logo and other image files. We've also updated the SCSS compiler to support version 3.4, and the Bourbon SCSS library to 4.2.7. The outdated LESS compiler has also been removed.

The largest and most important change of this update is the brand new inheritance system, which takes the basic concept of inheritance introduced in Gantry 5.0 and expands it considerably, enabling you to set inheritance at the atom, particle, section, and whole layout levels. This is a huge time-saving feature, and it is explained in detail in our documentation.

You can see a full list of changes made available in this update in the changelog.

What's Ahead for Gantry?

Our next major milestone (Gantry 5.4) for the framework is adding integrated support for Grav, an open source flat-file CMS built by members of the RocketTheme team, the same team that builds and maintains the Gantry framework.

Stay tuned to our Twitter page and blog for more information on this update as development continues.

More Information

If you have any problems at all with Gantry 5.3.0, please feel free to let us know by submitting an issue on the GitHub project, or by reaching out via the Gitter chat.

If you would like to check out the latest Gantry builds to get a glimpse at the latest developments in the Gantry project, we invite you to check out our CI Builds available for Joomla and WordPress. Additionally, we have CI builds available for download of the free Hydrogen theme.

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