All Gantry Themes 50% Off During RocketTheme's Black Friday Sale

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November 22, 2017, 12:00

The holiday season is here, and so are the year's biggest sales. This is especially true at RocketTheme, the creators of the powerful Gantry framework.

RocketTheme's library is the largest collection of premium Gantry themes out there, with dozens of products for Joomla and WordPress built on Gantry 4 and Gantry 5.

RocketTheme is also home to the largest collection of premium Grav themes, all of them built on Gantry 5. 

There are two primary ways to save during RocketTheme's Black Friday sale.

Save 50% on Single-theme Purchases

Do you have a particular theme in mind? You can purchase single themes which give you lifetime access to support forums for that theme, downloads, exclusive discounts on third-party products and services, and more. 

This includes RocketTheme's latest theme for WordPress, Grav, and Joomla: Aurora.

Aurora is a beautifully designed template for Joomla, WordPress, and Grav. It features several excellent custom-designed particles that make it easy to create a brilliant corporate website.

Save 35% on Club Memberships and Renewals

You can also save 35% on club memberships to the Joomla and WordPress clubs giving you immediate download and support access to RocketTheme's entire catalog for the associated platform throughout the duration of your membership.

This option ensures that you always have the ability to download and try the latest Gantry template or theme, and gives you the option to add-on site licenses so you can create more Gantry-powered sites for less.

Support the Gantry Project

Buying a theme or becoming a Club member with RocketTheme helps support the Gantry project. Without RocketTheme's incredible community, open source projects managed by the RocketTheme team like Gantry would not be possible.

By purchasing from RocketTheme, you can help ensure that Gantry will continue to evolve and stay ahead of the pack for years to come.

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