RocketTheme Releases Video-powered Citadel Gantry 5 Theme

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August 1, 2016, 8:00


The RocketTheme team has released a new theme for Joomla and WordPress powered by Gantry 5. Citadel features integrated video support and Gantry 5's new inheritance system!

Citadel's Video particle makes it easier than ever to add looping or non-looping video content to your website from YouTube, Vimeo, and even locally-hosted MP4, Ogg, MOV, and WebM files. Because it's a Gantry 5 particle, it can be used in many different places around your site.

Citadel is also RocketTheme's first premium theme to feature Gantry 5's new inheritance system in its RocketLauncher. Hit the ground running faster than ever before and manage particles on multiple with ease. You can find out more about inheritance in our documentation.

Sales of Citadel, and all of RocketTheme's Gantry-powered templates and themes help support Gantry's continued development.

Citadel is currently available for WordPress and Joomla from RocketTheme. Purchasing from RocketTheme or subscribing to its template and theme clubs helps support the continued development of various open source projects like Gantry and Grav CMS.

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