Gantry Logo Design Competition

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August 30, 2015, 6:54

The Gantry project is looking for a new logo, and what better way to create one for a community-driven project than by giving our community the opportunity to design it?

Between now and September 18, 2015, we are accepting logo design entries. At the end of three weeks, Gantry's development team will meet and pick the design that we feel best represents the Gantry project, and a modern design philosophy that fits with the Gantry website.

Now we aren't going to leave the artist behind the selected entry empty handed. The artist will receive:

  • Public recognition for designing the new logo
  • A 12-month (Plus level) RocketTheme Club membership for the platform of their choice
  • Bragging Rights
  • Promotion of the artist's business and/or portfolio website on RocketTheme social channels
  • Our eternal gratitude

We do have a specific list of requirements for the logo design. These include:

  • Design should be flat and monochromatic within a single color so it works well in flat design, and on any background
  • Graphic portion of the logo should work well in a variety of sizes (from 32x32 to 1200x1200)
    • The graphic portion of the logo should have a square aspect ratio (1:1)
  • Full logo should include the Gantry name in text (either "Gantry" or "gantry"), as well as a graphic that embodies what Gantry is
  • Image files submitted should include vector source (.ai or .svg) and a rendered version of at least 1200 Width (PNG)
  • Design must be completely unique to Gantry, and can not mimic existing brands, logos, or trademarks

Here is an example of a logo from the Grav project that would meet the criteria. Keep in mind that the text portion of the logo doesn't have to align to the right, but can be under the graphic portion, or integrated within.

Grav Logo

As for the text portion of the logo, we are open to new ideas. The text can be in all lower-case lettering (example: gantry), or with an uppercase beginning (example: Gantry). Because this is a logo for the entire Gantry project, and not just Gantry 5, we would prefer a design that can integrate with numeric versions (as seen below) but it is not required as the primary logo spans all versions.

Gantry Logo

As another example of the types of submissions we're looking for, check out the image below featuring the GitHub logo in multiple variations.

GitHub Logo

We are excited to see the designs our incredible community comes up with. If you have any questions about the competition or would like to discuss your design with Gantry's development team (as well as other members of the community) you can usually find us in Gitter chat.

Submitting your design is easy. Simply email us at [email protected] with your full name, a valid email address at which you can be reached, and attach both the vector and rendered PNG copy of the logo. If you are put in our top list of entries, you will be contacted for additional information, including your company/portfolio web address for promotion once we announce the winning entry.

If your design is selected, it will become the official logo for the Gantry project. So, what are you waiting for? Get designing!

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