RocketTheme Releases Kraken Gantry 5 Theme

g5, dev, joomla, wordpress
October 19, 2015, 5:00


Kraken is RocketTheme's newest Gantry 5-powered theme for Joomla, with a WordPress version coming soon. It features exclusive particles, a gorgeous modern design, and a feature set showcases Gantry 5's capabilities.


Kraken is designed to be as versatile as it is beautiful. The FixedSide section that sites along the left-hand side of the page gives your users a unique navigation interface while giving visitors a seamless vertical experience. If you're not a fan of a side-mounted navigation bar, RocketTheme has provided a traditional navigation bar in the layout preset that you can activate easily from the Layout Manager.


Subtle animations are also featured in Kraken, including the Grid Statistic particle which mimics a quick odometer, cycling to the statistic numbers entered in the particle's settings.

Kraken is currently available for Joomla, with a WordPress version on the way from RocketTheme.

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