New Gantry Logo Revealed

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October 16, 2015, 9:00

Gantry Logo

After receiving dozens of incredible submissions from the Gantry community, we have selected a new logo! The winning logo was created by Henning Bokelmann, a graphic designer based out of Schleswig, Germany.

A lot of the Gantry community are familiar with Henning Bokelmann. He joined the community in 2008 and as a moderator of the RocketTheme member forums, he has been helping members with Joomla, Gantry, and CSS for years. In addition to this, he owns and operates his own graphic design business. His other interests are arts & design in general, music and football.

"This logo is really about paying back," Henning said, "Everything I know about Web design came from the RocketTheme team."

The goal behind the new Gantry logo was to bring about a more modern, versatile design that could be embedded virtually anywhere. The submissions we received over the past several weeks have been phenomenal, a testament to the talent that can be found in the Gantry community.

In the end, the decision came down to a logo that not only reflected the new look of Gantry, but its mission to make it possible for users to elevate their websites to new heights with a powerful, versatile, and modern framework.

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