Year in Review 2016

gantry team
December 28, 2016, 12:00

Another year has come and gone. Gantry has seen many accomplishments during 2016 and we can't wait for 2017 to begin and bring even more.

We left 2015 at version 5.2.6, we will end 2016 with version 5.4.2, an apparently small gap which in reality features a lot of goodies in its 25 releases. That is 2 releases a month!

We rocked 2016 with 1,373 commits and 9 contributors. We are left with 165 open issues but we have closed 1,506! As for pull requests, all 99 have been merged in.

Our Gitter community has doubled to 1481 people. On GitHub we received 478 stars. It is beginning to look more like a constellation, but I'm sure you guys can do better than that! 😉

Overall Gantry has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times! That's right, 1 million times. This is incredible given that Gantry 5 is barely 2 years old.

As you guys were busy downloading, Gantry received a JOSCAR award for Best Framework System. 🎉 🍰 🎊

We have been very, very busy and to go through all the changes would take too much, however, to name the most awaited and acclaimed:


Gantry 5 now features an incredibly flexible and intuitive Inheritance system that works with Layout and Particles. This has been one of our biggest requests in 2015. We listened, we brainstormed and we delivered. We are very happy with how well received the Inheritance system has been, it's been adopted instantly by everyone and it brought even more simplicity to the framework.


Hydrogen has been our most loyal theme in Gantry 5, it has followed us at every step of a new theme development and it still does provide great sandboxing to get things started. However, we felt it was the time to provide a new companion to the free default themes, a more appealing and ready-to-use one. Meet Helium, a very modern, lightweight and customizable theme.

Oh, and since we were there we also put a Helium demo together.

Lightcase Atom

We decided to treat everyone with a new built-in Atom to create simple and beautiful light box effects by relying on the great Lightcase.js.

Grav Support

Last but definitely not least, we added support for Grav CMS. If you are not familiar with Grav, I suggest you go check it out right now! Grav is a modern open source flat-file CMS which also happens to have been written by the same people that wrote Gantry (us).

Gantry and Grav are the perfect companions and the possibilities are endless. To top this off, RocketTheme has introduced a new Grav Theme Club so that you can now enjoy Gantry, Grav and RocketTheme all at the same time while supporting the projects!

Thank you

As usual, all of this would not have been possible without you, our most awesome community. Thank you!

There is a lot of work still ahead of us and we cannot wait for that to happen.

Thank you for your support and feedbacks, we wish you a great end of the Year.

The Gantry Team

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