Gantry 5 meets Grav

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December 14, 2015, 12:00

Gantry 5 + Grav

Today we are very happy to announce that Gantry 5 is now distributing CI Builds for Grav.

Grav is a Fast, Simple, and Flexible file-based Web-platform. There is Zero installation required. Just extract the ZIP archive, and you are up and running. Although Grav follows principles similar to other flat-file CMS platforms, it has a different design philosophy than most.

What Are CI Builds ?

CI Builds (Continuous Integration Builds), are installable packages that encapsule the latest and greatest changes from Gantry's develop branch.

They are mainly intended for development purpose and they are NOT advised for production. Every change that happens in Gantry during the course of development, will get automatically built and made available as a CI Build package.

What to Expect

All the core functionalities from Gantry are fully implemented in Grav, but it is still under heavy development and bugs are to be expected.

Because Gantry and Grav are to be considered siblings in their architecture, use of technology and authors 😀, Grav users should find themselves very familiar with structure, Twig and YAML syntax.

This is our first cycle of Gantry for Grav open to the public and we would appreciate any kind of feedback. Any issue encountered should be addressed to the Gantry Issues Tracker, and we also have a Gitter Chat available for a direct interaction.

Getting Started

To get Gantry 5 running in Grav, it is suggested you start with a fresh Grav instance. Download a copy of Grav Core + Admin Plugin and set that up by following the instructions on Grav's site.

Once that's done, since Gantry is not yet available through the GPM, you will need to download the packages from the CI Builds Download Section. You will find two packages: and You will need them both.

  1. The first one, prefixed as grav-pkg, is Gantry's plugin. You will unzip it and move the folder under user/plugins/gantry5.

  2. The second one, prefixed as grav-tpl, is Gantry's free theme Hydrogen. Hydrogen is a blank canvas that you can use to get familiar with Gantry and it will help you get started. Unzip the theme package and move the folder under user/themes/g5_hydrogen.

    All you need to now is head to the admin, activate Hydrogen under Themes and you will see that a [ Gantry ] entry is now available in the sidebar. This is where all the Gantry themes will be listed at.

You can click on Hydrogen to head into the Gantry administration where you can start playing around.

Plugin Gantry Admin Frontend
Plugin Plugin Admin 1 Admin 2 Frontend

Known Issues

  1. The Twig engine is currently not taking Grav into account. This means that because all the fancy filters and Grav's API are not accessible (at the moment), most likely plugins won't work.
  2. Joomla and Wordpress have an implementation of position that Grav doesn't have. We are working on adding this capability for Grav, as well as enhancing Joomla and Wordpress implementation

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