Gantry 5.1.4 Released

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September 18, 2015, 12:00

Gantry 5.1.4 is now available. This update includes a number of important bug fixes, as well as some useful new features and improvements.

This is a relatively small, yet important update. It resolves a number of Menu-related issues discovered by users after the recent 5.1.3 update.

There are also several improvements in this release including a Google Fonts Library update which adds four additional fonts, base item support for the Menu particle, and more.

WordPress received a couple new features, including the ability to set a custom cache path. This is useful when the site's hosting provider doesn't allow PHP files in the wp-content/cache directory.

We have also added Gantry streams to kses allowed protocols.

You can find out more about this release by checking out the Gantry 5.1.4 changelog.

If you have any problems at all with Gantry 5.1.4, please feel free to let us know by submitting an issue on the GitHub project, or by reaching out via the Gitter chat.

If you would like to check out the latest Gantry builds to get a glimpse at the latest developments in the Gantry project, we invite you to check out our CI Builds available for Joomla and WordPress. Additionally, we have CI builds available for download of the free Hydrogen theme.

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